Wined and dined on

Chapter 8

He poured the alcohol and then reached his hands down my back and underneath my dress to squeeze my bum. I decided to play hard to get and brushed his hands away, picking up my glass to drink. He feigned surprise and hurt. When I put my glass back down, he moved his hands back the same way, only this time he grabbed my legs and lifted me up so my legs wrapped around him.
“Try and push me away now,” he said. I liked it… so forceful.

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Make or Break

Chapter 7

I assumed the position and George stood at the foot of the bed, dropped his trousers and put the whole of his erect penis in my mouth. He used his hips to move in and out of my lips, seeing as I couldn’t really move. We continued for a while before he said it was my turn to draw. We carried on for a good hour, taking turns to draw cards and perform sexual acts on each other. We were both flogged and spanked, there was oral sex and penetrative sex.

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Licking my wounds

Chapter 5

He started being quite bold, and would randomly sneak up behind me and cuddle me, or walk in on me “accidentally” while I was changing. I found myself taking more time to grab for a towel when it happened, enjoying the thrill of him catching me naked.

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Chapter 2

I messaged George to tell him I was coming home. He replied with “Great!”. No kisses, no nothing. What was up with him?! And then it hit me. The iPad…

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